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(This document contains reliable knowledge on the Copper Iridium Lebbo Coin.)


Copper Iridium coins are magical and powerful. They will stop a bus when carried in it by stopping ignition, but not when wrapped in a carbon paper. A candle flame bends towards this coin. When rice is brought near the coin, it gets attracted towards the coin. You can find an electric circuit tester indicating light when touched with, on the coin. Your electronic watch will stop when brought near this coin!

A device in Germany (details unknown) which cost / worth 1 million dollars absorbs power of the coin. The Copper Iridium coins called 1616 have three magical points, which disables entire power in any form near it. To test the coin, it costs 0.1 million dollar chemicals. The complete test can be done only in remote sea shores.

Facts about the 1616 Copper Iridium Coin

In 1603 AD, East India Company was formed in India, with establishments in various places, with head office in England. The company started minting coins to do business according to its new system.

In the year 1616 AD, there was a Grahakutami (A complete solar eclipse) which lasted for more than 5 hours in India. The Britishers, with the help of Indian Rishis minted Copper coins with Copper Iridium metal in assorted weights and sizes. The coins were hand made.

Only 16 pieces of the coins were made totally. In order to preserve the precious lebbos, the Rishis engraved the currency denomination prevalent on one side and the nine planets on the other side. Iridium Lebbo coins are also called Navagraha Lebbos. Lebbo in Greek means sun guard. The coins have the provision to be charged when required. The special range of powers of the coins can be activated by charging the coin on the three pin points, each having different functions. After charging the coin with MRC 87 chemicals, a magnetic attraction of carbohydrate contents is generated on the coin.

Sun (Surya), Moon (Chandra), Mars (Mangla), Mercury (Budha), Neptune (Guru), Jupiter (Sugra), Saturn (Sani), Uranus (Ragu) and Venus (Kethu) are the planets engraved on the coin and are interconnected with tiny veins, all leading to the charging point.

It is said that, millions of years ago, fragments of sun and other planets might have fallen on earth, particularly in South India sub continent. It is also said that the gurus had gone to all the planets to collect the metal from each planet. The material from other planets that reached earth thus is used to imprint the corresponding planet on the coin.

Our ancestors made the metal classification ‘space metals’. Metallurgists have discovered and included three metals under this group, Ikkidium, Iridium and Virenium. These metals were heavily priced in the 16th century and Rishis hand made the lebbo coins using the Iridium.

In 1616 The British East India Company had presented one 200 gram Iridium Lebbo coin to King Leo of Hong Kong. Later in 1871, it was auctioned for 200 Billion dollars in the U.S.A. International exhibition.

Weights and Quantities of Iridium Lebbo coins available

The different weights and quantities of the Iridium Lebbo coins made in 1616 are:

42 grams3 pieces
65 grams3 pieces (as errosimimic shape only)
82 grams3 pieces (the three miraculous pin points give light indication)
200 grams3 pieces
260 grams2 pieces
300 grams2 pieces (Ser denomination)

How the 1616 Copper Iridium coin looks

One side consists of Navagrahas (Nine planets) embedded on it by the great gurus and Rishis of those time. The other side has the charging point divided into three a dotted hole through which charging of the coin is possible. Also, inscribed are E; IC and ANNA 1616. For more information see the images of the sides, shown below:


The coin has to be kept away from any HDRC Powder, which contains chemicals like Metal oxide plain powders, Metaquide liquid drops. Any tests or experiments with such materials can damage the precious Copper Iridium Lebbo coin.

Scope of the Iridium Lebbo Coin

We believe, the magical powers of the Iridium Lebbo Coin can be utilized for commercial purpose in various Industries like:

. Medical research
. Aviation
. Telecom and Communication
. Defense
. Satellite systems
. Power Systems
. Mining
. Disaster relief
. Media and entertainment
. Oil and gas exploration
. Artificial gravity
. Experiments on other Iridium Copper coins on the globe have proved that the power of iridium copper coins can be extended to making potassium gold cyanide from the chaff of rice kernels.


For more information on the material, readers can go through the following:

Sputnik(January 1985)
World famous metals(Serial No 2)
Rare space metal by N.Brocinam, London S.M.P.C.(Page 101)
Rare space metals written by L.Fernando, west germany(Page 41 to 43)
Andrews Lebbo Grapy(page 40)

Terms and Conditions

i)The material shall not be bought or sold for use in any destructive purposes
ii)Any party who wish to see a demonstration of the coin has to get prior appointment and should pay a nominal amount, as the cost of the presentation.
iii)The preliminary tests on the coin (De-energizing of surrounding area, heating of water, Light indication, Rice pulling) can be demonstrated by paying a nominal price.
iv)The detailed test ( near sea shore ) (which needs purchase of 0.1 million dollar chemicals) can be done at the cost of the interested buyer, along with the payment of a nominal price, which is the cost incurred to us in the event.
v)Any tests or experiments that damage the coin should be avoided